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HEALTHY HOLIDAYS! The TRI-PACK is BACK! ❤️(for a limited time only)❤️

Get 3 40oz bags of our most popular and potent Grenada-grown wildcrafted sea moss gels... GRENADA GOLD, ANTI-ITIS, & BREATHE EASY!

Enjoy some holiday savings when you use our "HOLIDAY DETOX" code at checkout. It's truly the perfect gift that keeps on giving, or should I say keeps you living a healthy, strong, and vibrant life. 


Grenada Gold; Grenada wildcrafted sea moss, filtered water.

Anti-Itis; Grenada wildcrafted sea moss, organic turmeric powder, organic ginger powder, organic green tea, & filtered water.

Breathe Easy; Grenada wildcrafted sea moss, organic licorice root powder, organic ginger powder, organic mullein leaf powder, & filtered water.

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