Nourish Your Health With Sea Moss

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Introducing our CINNABOMB Sea Moss, a powerhouse of nutrition and flavor! Sourced from the pristine waters of Grenada, our sea moss is infused with the warm aromatic essence of Ceylon cinnamon, known for its rich flavor and amazing health benefits.

So Much Goodness!

choose the infusion that suits your needs

choose the infusion that suits your needs

Your ailments are not a life sentence. You have the power to heal... 

  • Nature

    Our sea moss is organically wild-crafted from the beautiful waters of Grenada

  • Health

    Whether you want to maintain great health or heal an ailment, we have the sea moss for you

  • Family

    Our sea moss is safe for the entire family, both young and mature. Strengthen your family's immunity and bond

  • Love

    Our sea moss is soaked, rinsed, blended, and packaged with a whole lot of love and healing vibrations

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