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  • Kareem H. (Grenada Gold) 😊

    "I'm no health nut by any standard, so whenever I get advice from Guru I act on it. After mentioning some lethargy that I was having, Guru suggested that I start taking sea moss as a nutritional supplement. Not only has the sea moss rejuvenated my energy, but I am 100% sure that it helped keep me healthy during the pandemic. My wife was symptomatic, and was very sick for 2 weeks. With me being her caregiver, I thought I was guaranteed to get infected... But much to my surprise and hers, I never got so much as a sniffle, I'm sure my immune system was strengthened by the sea moss."

  • Shelly (Grenada Gold) 🥰

    "Despite being of Jamaican decent, I really didn't get serious about sea moss until Morphit began promoting heavily. I just had stomach surgery and couldn't really eat. I joined the 7 day challenge to boost my nutritional intake, healing and energy. I got that and then some. I lost some weight too, I can totally feel the difference in my body when I take the sea moss daily vs. when I don't.  I either put it in a smoothie or a spoon straight from the jar. Grab yourself, some Morphit Sea Moss, "change your diet, change your life"

  • Nalee (Grenada Gold) 😍

    "Before sea moss I didnt have energy at all. I always felt sleepy. After watching Morphit4Life instagram post (now Morphit Sea Moss) educating us about sea moss, I decided to give it a try. I add the sea moss to my smoothies in the morning and at night and after 1 week I felt the difference. I had more energy. Now after using it for 1 month I've lost 6 pounds and my energy level is even better. I also give some to my 4 year old daughter who also loves it! Thank you Guru for educating me and guiding me through this new mental, physical journey of natural living."